The School was founded in 1959 by Late Shri Prabhu Dayal Bhatia, M.A., B.T., Mont. Dip., Dip. in Educational and Vocational Guidance, Fulbright Exchange Teacher (Harvard) U.S.A. Shri Prabhu Dayal Bhatia was born on 23rd Sept. 1906 at Vahula District. Jehlam( Now in Pakistan).

After completing his schooling he joined F.C. College, Lahore. He taught in St. Anthony Europian High School, Lahore. After partition he worked in some in prestigious school of Delhi like Presentation Convent High School And Delhi public school. He visited USA under the Fulbright exchange program where he got advance level training in school administration super vision and teaching of English as second Language at the school of education Harvard University. He was alone on the staff of city high school Lexington Nebraska USA in 1956-57.

Late Sri Prabhu Dayal Bhatia was a true crusader of education and administrator. Inspired by his vast education and his ideas he started his school Looking back one feels that the school has more than justified his existence. Late Sri Prabhu Dayal Bhatia struggled hard to achieve laudable success in creating outstanding educational facilities for the student mainly coming for not very developed areas of Delhi. His ideal are a perpetual source of inspiration to the management of the school.

Its alumni are men and women who have achieved success and distinction in all walks of life and most of it staff member are among the very best in their profession.