PDPS 2.0

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PDPS 2.0

PDPS 2.0 is the 21st Century version of the Prabhu Dayal Public School. The school spread in 3 campuses and rich with 58 years legacy symbolizes the life long learning experiences gifted to all PDPians. PDPS 2.0 redefines Prabhu Dayal Public School as a strong learning community. It impinges on a strategic plan which gravitates towards educational renewal and re-establishment.

The legacy of our school system should not only focus on academic pursuits but also on long term questions of educational purpose. Students of our school on gradually becoming media literate to use tools online, function in a collaborative research base environment, analyzing, synthesizing, critiquing, evaluating, creating and exploring, new knowledge. We have planned to further enter into latest innovations to develop scientific thought process among the students. This will prove that the students are digital natives and teachers are digital immigrants.

At PDPS, students are prepared to succeed with courage, confidence, compassion, creativity and character so that their overall personality development make them smart enough to face emerging challenges in the society.

We are quite essentially a learning organization, re-inventing ourselves for new challenges. PDPS 2.0 will give PDPians a great opportunity to grab their education and run into the wide world with “Trust thyself” attitude and ready not to surrender.