The motto of Prabhu Dayal Public School is "TRUST THYSELF"

"Trust thyself" generally means that if you trust yourself, then you can truly be content in whatever you do or whichever direction you follow to set and target your life curve, what you must do, is all that concerns you, not what people think. This is something that everyone deals with. You can't base your actions and feelings on how others judge you. What you think about yourself should come from somewhere within and should not be confused with the interpretations of others. There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide ; that he must take himself for better, for. worse, as his portion; that though we are surrounded by goodness, but to be good ourselves we have to work at it in our lives. If you try like everyone else, the future will ultimately strip you of your identity. You must accept who you are and only then can you make yourself feel worthy, because until you feel confident about yourself,.you cannot make your mark anywhere.

Our Vision

Prabhu Dayal Public School will develop lifelong community leaders who will inspire others. With excellence and commitment, PDPS will keep in mind the high ideals of its founder, Late Shri Prabhu Dayal Bhatia, to create outstanding facilities for the students coming from all societies. We will impart quality education to groom students to become responsible global citizens while retaining their Indian ethos.

Our Mission

We will exist to foster quality academic education, cultural and physical well-being of our students. We will prepare our students to imbibe traditional values, understanding of various cultures, languages & heritage, spirituality to provide the foundation for the development of our children to trust thy-self and to awaken the desire to achieve.